Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two is Company, But Three Is A Party

Tara and I scooted closer to each other on her big, comfortable bed, drinking shots of vodka and chasing them with orange juice straight from the carton. Chris was slightly off to the side, no doubt wondering what we were up to. Kat had insisted upon driving herself home, despite her inebriated state. Chris had offered to drive Tara's car back to her place, and I tagged along.

Tara and I made eye contact, and she pulled me in for a kiss. I always loved kissing her; she was soft, sensual and always tasted faintly of some fruity lipgloss. Her kisses tonight were a little more intense than usual, and I basked in the feeling of her soft lips firmly against mine and traced her collarbones with my fingertips. I knew he was watching us and I wondered what was going through his mind. I felt Tara's hands wrapping up in my hair and pulling me closer, and realized she was pulling Chris into the middle of our kiss.

I turned my mouth to his, relishing the feel of the stubble on his chin grinding against my soft skin. The difference between the two mouths was incredible and exciting. His kiss was electrifying, strong and unfamiliar; Tara's kiss was pure woman and pure sensuality. I had never felt more alive and never wanted the night to end.

Later, as the three of us redressed and shared knowing smiles, Chris mentioned that he was also a friend of Dan. I brought up my forgotten camera and phone, and he volunteered to leave and pick them up for me, since he had access to Dan's apartment. I accepted his offer, knowing Dan was out of town and it could be awhile before I saw him myself to get my stuff back, but I suspected he had another motive for wanting to leave.

"I think we scared him off," Tara laughed. I agreed. We never expected him to return that night, but a short time later, he did.

The next morning, Tara snuck out of bed and off to work. Chris and I stayed behind, curled up against each other in Tara's bed. We spent hours kissing, touching and talking. I told him things I hadn't even told some of my closest friends and the connection I felt to him was undeniable.

In between kisses and laughter, he reminded me that he would be leaving the state for a job offer and we probably wouldn't be seeing each other after that. Knowing that made the day all the more perfect to me, and I never wanted the day to end.


  1. is he the bf u have now? if so thats crazy that you could have a 3some then build a relationship out of it. i could not handle knowing the person had been with my friend lol. i don't like to share.

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