Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parting Ways

"I hear you giggling in there!" Tara called from the other side of her bedroom door.

I giggled again and told her to come in. Chris and I were still curled up in her bed, laughing and talking. She slipped off her shoes and crawled in next to me. I nuzzled up against her and the three of us stayed that way for a few minutes. It was very comfortable and surreal at the same time.

"Are you guys hungry?" she asked. We both nodded and agreed that IHOP sounded great. There was an IHOP near my apartment and it was decided that Chris would drop me off after we ate. Tara drove separately.

Our conversation as we ate was very lively and covered a wide range of topics, from how maternal Tara was to how much I hated the taste of gin. In a moment of perfect coincidence, Chris and I both announced that gin tastes like Christmas trees. I dissolved into laughter and marveled at this man sitting next to me. Was I falling for someone I had known less than 24 hours?

When it was obvious that we were all done with our food, it was time for us to part ways. I settled into his passenger seat and wondered to myself if we would ever see each other again. The drive to my apartment was short. We sat in the parking lot for a few minutes, neither of us wanting to say goodbye. As I unbuckled my seatbelt, he asked if he could give me a call. I felt a huge smile spread across my face as we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up for drinks that Thursday.

We said our goodbyes and I practically floated up to my apartment. It was my luck that I would finally meet an amazing guy just days before he was moving out of state. Instead of dwelling on that thought, I flopped down on my bed and replayed the day's events, basking in the memory of how completely connected I had felt...

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